Todd Hoskins

I am a seeker, an explorer of inner and outer worlds. I often see the fabric of connections that already exist and are waiting to be discovered. This fabric is woven in love.

As a native Midwesterner, I experience distinctive cycles of nature, sometimes long and harsh. Winter turns into spring. Summer turns into autumn, just as the heart expands and contracts. We do not individually or collectively ascend on a perpetual straight line. If we believe that humanity is basically good, and I do, then someday the flickering windows lining the street will eventually be replaced by people walking out onto the street.

It is connectedness that I seek.

Since the founding of Canopy Gap in 2009, I have focused on helping build affective networks, working with organizations and their stakeholders on deepening community and communications. Canopy Gap is a member of the Content Evolution federation of companies.

I have worked with leaders on aligning vision, relationships, and actions at institutions such as Deere, Kraft, and Northwestern University.  I serve on the board of the Chicago Wisdom Project. In addition, I speak on community, collaboration, and the future of education.

I was a contributor to Thrivability: a Collaboratve Sketch, and am an advisor to Revenue Ventures, Awakening Value, and REX – the Relationship Economy eXpedition . In 2014, I was named one of the top influencers in the Network Economy by SAP.

I live with my family live on the north side of the city of Chicago. In addition to family and vocation, I am dedicated to nurturing local community, gardening, cooking, yoga, meditation, tango dancing, and exploring this connectedness wherever it can be found.